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Call for Nominations

OPC Board of Governors

In accordance with the OPC Bylaws, this is a General Call for those interested in seeking election to the Board of Governors, to submit their nominations in accordance with the instructions that follow.

Every year at the Annual General Meeting, new Governors are appointed by the Members. The Nominating Committee is seeking qualified members to fill challenging and responsible positions. We are looking for candidates who have a passion for the Air Cadet Program, and are looking for an opportunity to provide leadership and direction at the provincial level of the Air Cadet League.

In order to submit the name of a League / SSC colleague, or your own for consideration, you are requested to complete the standard Nomination Form – OPC Board of Governors, which has room for a 100-word biographical sketch that includes information on why the person recommended should become a Governor. A résumé or additional biographical information may accompany the Nomination Form, if desired.

To be eligible to be elected as a Governor, a member must first be nominated. The nomination shall:

a. Be in writing;

b. Be signed by two registered OPC members as nominators; 

c. Be accompanied by a short biographical sketch of not more than 100 words that includes information on why the person nominated should be a Governor of the OPC; 

d. Include a statement that the nominee is eligible to be a Voting member pursuant to our current bylaws; 

e. Include a statement that the proposers have the consent of the nominee to permit his or her name to stand for election; 

f. Shall be sent by mail or electronic means to the Executive Director and Nomination Committee, at, post marked or dated no later than July 31 in any given year.

The nominator must attest that the person is eligible to become a Governor pursuant to the OPC Bylaws. The following persons are disqualified from being a Governor:

1. A person who is not an individual (e.g. a corporation); 

2. A person who is under eighteen (18) years old; 

3. A person who has been found under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992 (Ontario) or under the Mental Health Act (Ontario) to be incapable of managing property; 

4. A person who has been found to be incapable by any court in Canada or elsewhere; 

5. A person who has the status of bankrupt; 

6. Subject to this paragraph (b), a person while holding the office of a National Governor of the Air Cadet League of Canada; 

7. A person who is not registered under the OPC Registration and Screening Policy; and 

8. A person who is otherwise disqualified from being a Governor by applicable law.

Note: If you are proposing a person who is not currently registered, they must complete their Registration and Screening before taking their seat on the Board.

Every candidate must submit a written nomination, vetted by the OPC Nominating Committee, if they are to be considered for election to the Board of Governors. Nominations from the floor are no longer accepted at the AGM.

Any questions can be directed to the members of the Nominating Committee by Email: 

The Nomination Form is found here

About The OPC

The Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee is a civilian, volunteer-led, not for profit organization sanctioned by the National Air Cadet League of Canada and in partnership with the Department of National Defence, to administer and support the Air Cadet Program across Ontario.     



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